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Two moments and a conclusion.

Moment #1:
I hail a taxi and I pile into the back seat. I cry.
The Ethiopian driver says, “Humans. Good thing happen. Bad thing happen. People gotta be strong. You gotta be strong. And you gotta relax. You keep on going. Today will be a good day. And then it will be a bad [...]

Maybe baby.

The biological clock is a myth. Your uterus does not suddenly start knocking on your stomach, “Hello! Where’s my baby?” That doesn’t happen. But what does happen has been happening since preschool when all the cool kids got Twinkies for dessert and I had apple slices: it’s peer pressure pure and simple.
I [...]

I’m a failure.

Please forgive me. This writing thing is new for me. I know it’s been like 872 days since I last posted. And, let’s just be honest, I’ve been kind of slacking for some time on this whole thing. But I am making a public avowal to change my errant ways and to plead my two [...]

The smell of mothballs.

There is a bar, a bungalow, an old pink tent. There is a cat with a diseased face, bloated to unproportioned places, a dog so skinny you can see more than his ribs, a big lawn with plastic furniture and pink checkered tablecloths. There is Jaspreet, the manager, snazzy in his matching turban and tie. [...]

Obama lit a candle and so did I.

The blasts start around Tuesday. They sound like gunshots. They scare me. They terrify the animals. My cats cower under the bed. The parrots flock and flap and screech in the sky. For the next five days the firecrackers will burst around every corner. Smoke will slowly settle over the city. Ripped shreds of cardboard [...]

Back in the saddle again.

Sometimes in Delhi it feels that there is nowhere to turn  except toward everyone else. The guards know when I come in at night. The gardener wakes me in the morning. My landlord peers out her window every time the gate clangs. A man watches me from the construction site next door as I sit [...]

Road block.

Ever since they put in a bus line down the middle of Mathura Road (cutting off half the street in the process), the traffic has been one giant organism, slowly inching its way forward. The ever benevolent city government thought to add a walking and bike path on the opposite side of the road from [...]

Same, same, but different

You go to sleep in the US. I get on a plane in  the US. You wake up in the US. I’m in India.
The longest distance is between two people.
I flashed, oh, about twenty people today on my way to India. My cute new button-down I felt I wore so smartly? It doesn’t button so [...]

Time thins

I leave in hours, not weeks or days or months. Hours. I’m going back to a country I called home at the start of the summer. I came to a country I thought I could never really love again at the start of the summer. But love is fickle, love is funny. Love slips away [...]

Forget driving and texting. First there is walking and iPods.

I don’t have an iPhone. I don’t drive. But I have still been stuck listening to everyone worrying and wincing this summer about how deadly the combination of a car and an iPhone can be.
I could have told everyone this years ago. Apple products may look pretty, but like so many pretty things, danger lies just [...]