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It’s in the eyes.

My father wears a bow tie and a blond crew cut. He grins at the camera. He is ten years old in 1957 Woodland Hills, California.

I picture my grandmother behind the camera. She was regal. She was flawed.
My father grins at her. He loved her so much.
I would look at this photograph growing up, seeing [...]


My grandmother had giant brown saucer eyes and giant brown curls as a little girl. She never smiled in her baby photos. She just stared at you with those big brown eyes. As a young woman, small beside the man whose hand she would eventually hold for more than 71 years, she [...]

White Christmas.

I cannot find any record of it snowing on December 25, 1987 in San Diego, California. But I know it snowed.
My grandfather was a force, loud and lovely. He would sit in an orange corduroy chair and smoke his pipe and wear flannel button-down shirts and yell about Reagan. He would make us recite Robert [...]

Street rats.

I am officially an old cat lady.
I didn’t mean for it to happen. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.
I blame it all on my evil friend, Chewy. He seems to gain no greater joy in life than to make me miserable. He’s a good friend like that. So when he found four kittens in [...]

Civil disobedience.

In another honor to my mother’s birthday in Santa Cruz, here’s a lovely peek inside the city council meetings that make the place hum.
I am so glad I’m not a Santa Cruz city council member.

Happy birthday, Mom!

You know the night’s not going to go well when a strange Peruvian man starts the evening by toasting your mother’s “tetas”.
Yes, that’s spanish for tits. He was kind enough to translate.
My mother turned 60 today. We spent the day wandering the crooked streets of Santa Cruz with its hari krishnas and old women in fluorescent green [...]