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I’m still here.

I’ve missed you. You were my private mespace. My notsosecret healing space. My growingup place. And just like that, I abandoned you for a bigger, crazier, chaotic free-for-all.
But I’m not gone forever and evermore. Just for a little while.
Until then, visit me at the other place. And read this story about another crazy, little joint [...]

And just like that, it’s August.

I have much to say and no time to say it. I am starting a project right now that’s consuming my life. It’s called the Awesome Project. I’ll have to spend a lot of time over there writing. But I will still write here because this is my secret space, my you-and-me space, my me-and-me [...]

That sweet-used-to-be.

This year I left and was left by:
A plastic trash can named Momo,
Three mustaches,
An angry old lady who was my landlord,
A happy old lady who was my grandmother,
The aristocratic bar,
An orange newspaper,
A man with an eagle tattoo,
The sisters Ghosh,
A gin drinker, and
A chai drinker.
The list goes on. And I go on. Leaving, leaving.
There were stretches [...]

I’m a failure.

Please forgive me. This writing thing is new for me. I know it’s been like 872 days since I last posted. And, let’s just be honest, I’ve been kind of slacking for some time on this whole thing. But I am making a public avowal to change my errant ways and to plead my two [...]

My hallowed home.

The first time I came to D.C. my parents hid Easter eggs in our hotel room. I found one in the bathtub. I was so happy the Easter bunny had been able to find us. We walked in the shadows of the monuments and everything seemed so grand.
The second time I came, I fell in [...]

I’d rather be in Sri Lanka.

It rained the day I arrived there. A lashing, beating, tree-tossing rain over the Indian ocean. Waves swelled and crashed outside the Galle Face Hotel. The air was hot, sticky hot. Tiny signs stuck to the windows of my room: “Do not open the window.” I opened the windows all the way. I lay beneath [...]

The Great Cat Caper.

I have a broken foot, a body covered in scratches, outstanding debts in my name to three Indian companies and a week of my life wasted in tears, sleepless nights and fits of anger.
That was fun.
I grew up, as many Americans do, believing I’m the master of my own universe. The bestselling book The Secret [...]

Obama lit a candle and so did I.

The blasts start around Tuesday. They sound like gunshots. They scare me. They terrify the animals. My cats cower under the bed. The parrots flock and flap and screech in the sky. For the next five days the firecrackers will burst around every corner. Smoke will slowly settle over the city. Ripped shreds of cardboard [...]

The Ex’s Wedding.

It’s one thing to go to your ex-boyfriend’s wedding. It’s another thing to seat yourself in the front row in the direct eye line of the groom-to-be.
When we were dating—years and years ago—I used to tell him, “We better stay friends when we break up.” Obviously I didn’t have much faith in the relationship. But [...]

America from the window of a uHaul.

Friday night is Prime Rib night at Lincoln’s Restaurant in Stuart, Iowa. For $12.99 you get a bloody two pounds of beef, and all you can eat from the salad bar, with it’s lineup of pickled herring, egg salad, canned peaches, pepperoncinis, chocolate pudding, pistachio fluff, and cheese cubes.
Friday night is also softball night at [...]