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I find my sister in line for a panel on Adult Swim slumped over her purse asleep. She jolts awake when her boyfriend arrives with a diet coke and the two turn on us with the wide-open, red-bleary eyes of crack users: “Have you been to the Furries table yet?” “Did you see the Free [...]

A few minutes in Capri.

Last night there was a storm on one half of the island of Capri. We sat on a roof on the dry side of the island, as lightening crackled and sparked behind the hill. Above us clouds brewed. Below us, the small town, bedecked in lights, lit up seagulls that flapped away from the storm. [...]

Get me off this plane.

I am terrified to the point of nausea over flying. I won’t bore you with the particulars. But suffice it to say, it’s embarrassing. I have a friend who changes his flights if he finds out we’re on the same one.
It usually gets better once the seatbelt sign goes off. Like some magic charm, the [...]

A Saturday evening in Capri.

An old man in a navy blue blazer and a captain’s hat walks painstakingly slow through the piazza. He needs a cane and a 30-year-old wearing a huge diamond wedding ring to help him walk. An entourage of six voluptuous Italian women in tight red and black dresses trails a reality star in a single [...]

Goodbye, Delhi.

Welcome to the melting pot of my nonsense.
I’m shaking the dust of the dusty little town I call home off my broken sandals for a couple of months and heading into the great wide open. Along the way, I’d like to wax non-philosophical on here, posting up random glimpses of my life, the food I [...]