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My hallowed home.

The first time I came to D.C. my parents hid Easter eggs in our hotel room. I found one in the bathtub. I was so happy the Easter bunny had been able to find us. We walked in the shadows of the monuments and everything seemed so grand.

The second time I came, I fell in love with the spires of Georgetown. A red brick path led to an old stone building where all the offices had slanted ceilings and fireplaces.

The third time I came, I walked through Capitol Hill with a glittering press badge on. I leaned over the press box and watched the senators sigh and applaud and sneer beneath me. The ceilings all were vaunted and the floors all gleamed.

The fourth time I came, today, yesterday, I passed by an elementary school and stepped over a used condom. A man sat next to me on the bus reeking off urine. The buses filled with people heading to pay their gas bills, fighting off the biting cold. Overweight women used canes to make their stunted way through aisles and aisles of junk food. Beautiful women in high heels and black dresses stumbled in the crosswalks, drunk on a Saturday evening. I couldn’t find any brick pathways. The monuments seemed small in the gray sky.

One Comment

  1. valerie says:

    ‘the monuments seemed small’–so true
    thankfully, you see.