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My name is Melissa.

Dolnick's Wedding

In 1987, Melissa Bell won the blue ribbon in the San Diego Math Olympics and won a hard-fought election to become the 4th grade class treasurer at Fuerte Elementary.

Unable to equal her early successes in life, she roamed aimlessly until landing in India with a six-month contract to help launch Mint, the Indian partner of the Wall Street Journal.

She held out for three years despite her fierce hatred of spicy food. She wrote about the wacky joint for Mint, the Guardian, Time and Departures.

Alas, the siren song of bland food called her back to the US in 2010, where she worked for the Washington Post as a blogger, a columnist for the Style section, and a director of platforms and blogs. She also, occasionally, stalked Ben Bradlee in the cafeteria.

In 2014, she launched Vox with some very good friends in a very short amount of time. She is now the publisher of Vox Media.