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I write articles.

Muhammad Ali’s personal magician
Remember: This is Muhammad Ali we’re talking about. Of course he had a personal magician.

Skater’s Paradise Lost
How a group of friends turned a decrepit DC warehouse into a mecca for punk-rock cool — and how it all fell apart.
The Washington Post Magazine.

On the Pill for Half a Century
Oral contraceptives have had broad impact but some seek alternatives
The Washington Post

Skin Deep
Adopted by an American family 25 years ago, India-born Nisha Grayson is coming back ‘home’ to search for her birth mother and herself
Mint with the Wall Street Journal

Sex Education
The gift that keeps on giving: five classes to improve your love life
Mint with the Wall Street Journal

The Road to Manali
Crossing India by rickshaw
The Guardian, Saturday Travel Magazine

Fresh heights
Trekkers looking for alternatives to Tibet and Nepal are finding nirvana in the Indian Himalayas
Time magazine

Walking with the Pied Piper
Journalist Sam Miller’s book leads you on a mad dash through the city on foot
Mint with the Wall Street Journal

The Chandigarh dream
Le Corbusier’s symbolic city for a new India stands in disrepair
Mint with the Wall Street Journal

The easels of Art Basel
Out of 300 galleries and 2,000 presenters, five artists stopped us in our tracks
Mint with the Wall Street Journal